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Why Digestive Health?

Americans currently face the largest health epidemic in our history. Over 70 Million Americans suffer from Digestive Health Diseases. This on average culminates in 21 Million hospitalizations for a total cost of $141 Billion Dollars! In fact, more Americans are hospitalized each year with digestive diseases than any other condition.

Think of your body like the engine in your car, if you expect it to consistently perform well you've got to do several things to take care of it. Follow these basic guidelines to maximize your overall health and performance, I call them the 3 Pillars. They are not an all inclusive guide, think of them more as the pillars to physical wellness. Performance Supplements!

The 3 Pillars to Physical Wellness

First and foremost, it's quite important to use the best fuel for your engine. Some of the best sources of macro and micro nutrients can be sourced, unsurprisingly, from plants.

Second, you need to put in the proper time to maintain and strengthen all of the parts of your engine.

The last step, but certainly not the least important, is rest. 50-70 Million Americans struggle with sleep disorders and poor overall rest. This means not just adequate rest in between exercises, but also overall sleep health.

In today's "always on the go" culture achieving success in each of these pillars can be in credibly challenging. After our initial launch we will offer solutions to ensure you are improving each of those 3 pillars. This isn't just the products that we will offer, but also a learning section where we will periodically discuss the 3 Pillars, why they are important, supplements to aid in your improvement, as well as best practices you can do to continually improve them.

Why We Care

This brings me to why we exist in the first place. I was one of the 70 Million Americans that struggled with Digestive Health Diseases. After nearly a decade of struggling with severe digestive disorders I finally made the transition to a Plant Based diet. After a year of primarily eating a mostly Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet, I have seen incredible improvements. Through Summit Supplements, I felt compelled to share that success with others like myself that could benefit like I have. See the meet us section to learn more about us and why we created Summit Performance Supplements!

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