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Meet Us

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Hello! We are James and Rebekah, Co-Founders of Summit Performance Supplements. 

Our vision is to support your life's journey with earth-conscious and health-focused products to help you become your best self. 

We recently moved with our two pups, Seymour and Sadie, to the beautiful city of Austin, Texas! Here, we are beginning to explore our passion for health and fitness, becoming more earth-conscious, and a whole foods, plant-based diet. We love playing tennis, hiking, camping, and bike riding together. 

Like a lot of those around us, the events and lockdowns of 2020-21 led us to lose track of our personal health and fitness, weight, and exercise and workout routines. Now we work at improving ourselves every day both physically and mentally. That's why we started Summit Supplements: to find and create great products that align with our values, and share them with you!

The name "Summit" comes from our experience summiting our first mountain together in the North Cascades in Washington State. It was a huge milestone for us and our confidence in our ability to achieve great things together both in fitness and overall health. What an experience it was to literally be on top of a mountain! 

We hope you enjoy our shop!

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